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A Dated Type-Series for the

Anglo-Saxon, Medieval and Later Pottery of Norfolk and Suffolk

Project Summary


This ongoing HE-funded project involves the production of a fabric and form series for the Anglo-Saxon and medieval pottery of Norfolk and Suffolk. The project was designed to be carried out in three stages, the aim of Stage 1 being to produce a type series for Suffolk. Stage 2 will provide a type series for Norfolk. Stage 3 will involve the publication of the two type series online.

The Suffolk type series is complete, and available for viewing at the offices of Suffolk County Council Archaeological Services, by appointment. The type series comprises a physical collection of sherd samples and a database - these should be used in conjunction with each other, and use of a microscope is recommended (but not available on site). Use of the type series is now specified for all fieldwork on medieval sites in the county.


This website is a temporary solution to the COVID-19 crisis, which makes visiting the physical type series difficult. We hope that it may be possible to open by appointment from January 2021. There is no substitute for visiting the type series, as the range of sherd samples for each fabric is more variable than can be shown by the sample photographs presented here.


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